I Thought I Had Seen it All- Patrick Mahomes is in his Bag Again

By Andrew Banks

Forget what you thought you knew about the Kansas City Chiefs. These are not the Marty Schottenheimer Chiefs from the 1990s. Herm Edwards is not on that sideline. Todd Haley is not calling plays in Arrowhead anymore. Romeo Crenel (thank goodness) is no longer involved. Even with current coach Andy Reid’s play clock blunders and conservative nature, it does not matter anymore. Patrick Mahomes is the antidote the Chiefs have been searching for since Len Dawson.

On Sunday Mahomes showed why he’s not just the best young quarterback in the league but in a category all to himself. Anytime you start throwing out the word “magic” to describe an athlete the world needs to stop and take notice. You would think that magic is being used hyperbolically but if you believe that, then you haven’t been watching the Chiefs in 2018.

Mahomes added to his MVP resume yesterday with touchdown pass number 43, tops in the league. He struggled and looked frustrated for most of the second half against the best defense in the league statistically. The Ravens looked like they had the recipe to beating the Chiefs. They ran for 198 yards. They were suffocating Mahomes with constant pressure. He was getting hit almost every play but he continued to stand in the pocket and deliver dime after dime. Then Mahomes decided to channel his inner Michael Jordan and rip the hearts right out of the Ravens’ chest.

There were a handful of ridiculous throws that came from the arm of Mahomes on Sunday. Every game it seems like he does something that you have never seen before and all you can do is try to keep yourself from drooling. If you can wrap your mind around this, the no-look pass he pulled out from his bag was only the second best throw of the game. I never thought I would be saying that an NFL quarterback threw a no-look pass; in a regular season game with a playoff spot on the line. Maybe at the Pro Bowl in Hawii when defenders are thinking about their next vacation. But he contimues to bend conventional football thinking and forces you to believe in things you didn’t think were possible.

This quote from Andy Reid was too good not to share:

It’s something to do in a practice, but then you start throwing it in a game, and a game against the No. 1 defense in the National Football League, that’s a little different,” Reid said. “You gotta have tremendous confidence in what you’re doing there. … I haven’t seen a lotta guys do that. I was around (Brett) Favre, he did some amazing things that way, Donovan (McNabb) and those guys, but no… that umm… No, not quite like that.”

– Andy Reid

For his next trick, Mahomes danced between a couple of defenders and turned a double play to Spencer Ware out of the backfield. To all you parents out there that want little Johnny to focus on one sport, let Mahomes open your mind for a minute. If he doesn’t play baseball as a kid, he probably wouldn’t make this throw look… for lack of a better word..routine.

Here’s another throw that no other human being on this planet could make except for Mahomes.

Those throws pale in comparison to the play he made that, to me, cemented his case for MVP. Fourth quarter. Down 24-17. 1:30 left in the game. 4th and 9. Let the magic show begin.

The finishing touch was a beautiful play design and execution by Reid and Mahomes. The rub route forced the lineback into traffic which allowed Damien Williams to run free out of the back field long enough for Mahomes to toss the game tying touchdown.

His arm strength is not what makes him special. Yes he has a rocket launcher for a right shoulder but so did Jamarcus Russell. It’s the touch and accuracy he displays and the fact that he apparently doesn’t need to be looking at his target to be accurate. It’s his subtle movements in the pocket where you think you got him for a sack and then he dances out of danger. The poise and craftiness to his game is uncanny for a 23-year old first-year starter. Human beings shouldn’t be able to do the things he does.

I’m going to try and describe his greatness so that you can get an idea of how freakish and scary this kid is. Have you ever had a mental block? Whether it was sports or at your job or during a test? A situation that no matter what it seemed like your brain would lock up and you couldn’t do anything to shake it. For me it was a statistics class in college. For the life of me I just could not seem to break through in that class. I would do well on the homework and in-class assignments, but when it came to take the test my brain would cramp up and I would lose all the memory from the previous night of studying. Eventually as I grew older I learned to get passed some of those mental hurdles that I struggled with as a kid, but math still haunts me to this day tons certain degree. Well imagine taking that statistics exam and in the middle of the test your professor throws out a new question that wasn’t in the book. An equation that you’ve never seen in your life and without hesitation you solve the equation and ace the exam. There’s almost no way that you would be able to solve an equation that you’ve never learned. That’s essentially Patrick Mahomes. The Ravens were confusing him with looks and coverages he had never seen before. It didn’t matter. Eventually, god-given talent overruled everything else. He has no mental blocks.

He had the one interception but other than that, I thought this was his best game,” said Chiefs head coach Andy Reid per Jeffri Chadiha of NFL.com. “This defense was a huge challenge. These son of a guns were really good and have a really good package. They unloaded it at him and he kept bringing it. I’m proud of him for doing that. You can get a little defeated when you get hit as many times as he got hit but he stayed in there and kept firing.”

– Andy Reid

Sometimes you can watch someone one time and you know it when you see it.

“That person is special.”

Your eyes won’t lie to you. Being thrust into the 13-game Patrick Mahomes experience has shown me that he is the truth. In a LeBron James Kevin Durant kind of way. He drips the swagger and confidence that tells you he is going to be great. And not just great but all-time great. He has that IT factor. It’s not a matter of if he will ever win a Super Bowl, but how many rings will he collect. A player that gifted is going to get countless chances at a championship. The crazy thing is, he’s a Kansas City Chief. So excuse me if I sound like I’m in love. I’ve never had the best player in the league on my team. And damn it feels good.


Sorry For The Wait.. but I’m Back

By Drew Banks

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t of left you. In my defense, I took time off to focus on getting a promotion at work and preparing for my son. I have been working with H&M for the last five years and finally accepted the opportunity to become a supervisor for the company. It is a great opportunity to provide for my family and most importantly my son who is currently keeping my girlfriend awake at night. So that has been my life since the last time I made a post. I hope the three people who actually follow “Bank On It!” can forgive me.

The fantasy season has flown by. The playoffs are right around the bend, and for some of you the season can’t end soon enough. To the population that is still in the playoff hunt, I have a few sleepers you can consider to solidify your unit if your main guys are banged up. I got you.

Jeff Driskel

The former sixth round pick in 2016 will finally get a real look at a starting gig in the NFL. At Florida he was a terrific athlete and was once called “the next Tim Tebow”. Do not let that moniker scare you though, he can throw with velocity and anticipation that should fit in with what Cincinnati is trying to do. He has the ability to extend plays better than Andy Dalton and has more upside as a runner. He scored a touchdown on the ground in relief for Dalton, and added 155 yards through the air with another touchdown. Look at him having a Lamar Jackson type of impact but slightly more accurate. He has the Denver Broncos at home this Sunday who have been less than stingy through the air. 17 points does not seem like a stretch.

Justin Jackson

The reality of football is that injuries are unavoidable. It is not if you will get hurt, but rather when. It was Melvin Gordon’s turn last Sunday as hr injured his MCL. That paves the way for Austin Ekeler to take more lead back duties. Justin Jackson should share work with Ekeler and at 6″0 200 lbs, he has the body type to get the goal line carries when the Chargers get in close. If you have not noticed, Phillip Rivers is pretty good at quarterback these days. I would much rather take a flier on Jackson in a hot offense than say, a middling back like Marlon Mack who has a tougher schedule down the stretch and going through concussion protocol. Jackson put together an eye-opening effort last Sunday with a robust 8 yards per carry. He should be worth a bench stash on your roster.

Curtis Samuel

Samuel has been on my personal radar since last year. As a Ohio State fan I have believed in his skills for a long time. He finally has put together a healthy campaign and has six touchdowns to show for it. In the games he’s played he averages 11.3 points and has at least a rushing score or a recieving score in five of his seven games played. Stop sleeping on on Samuel. He has a nose for the end zone and Cam looks to get him involved in multiple. One more thing, I forgot to mention he plays the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. Fire him up.

Season MVP rankings

By Andrew Banks

Mid-Season Rankings

1) Patrick Mahomes

2) Alvin Kamara

3) Khalil Mack

4) Drew Brees

5) Jared Goff

*MVP rankings are updated every week

-Week 4 saw some huge offensive numbers. Jared Goff started out hot last Thursday night and ended the night engulfed. He threw for 465 yards and five touchdowns and took out the defending NFC champion Vikings on a national stage. With Jeff Fisher he looked like a bust. Pairing him with Sean McVay has made him a blossoming star. In an era. That game earned him a spot on my top five.

*At number four, Drew Brees is having another extraordinary season. In Week 3 he completed 39-49 passes for 396 yards and three touchdowns. He also added two touchdowns on the ground. For his final trick he broke the all-time completion record held by none other than Brett Favre.

*There are only three players having better years than Drew Brees and one of them is his running back Alvin Kamara. There was so much talk about his regression this season. I laughed at this people. Kamara is just a special talent. There’s no one like him in the league. He has 275 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns to go with 336 receiving yards and a touchdown. He became the first player in NFL history to have 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 yards receiving in his first 20 games according to ESPN Stats and Information.

*Khalil Mack has brought the Bears exactly what they have been missing: star power. Mack has absolutely dominated the NFC since joining the Bears via trade from the Raiders. In four games Mack has five sacks, four forced fumbles and interception that he returned for a touchdown. The Bears defense is ranked third in points allowed with 16.3 ppg. The Bears had a top ten defense last season but with Mack they are a top five unit.

*Patrick Mahomes should not be in the MVP race. He will be making his 6th start on Sunday. Yet he looks like he is a 10-year veteran. He’s broke some record in every game this year. He’s thrown for six touchdowns in a game. He lit up the league in his first three games with 13 touchdown passes. Then they said they wanted to see how Mahomes looked when he was not playing well and he was losing. Mahomes answered those questions by leading the Chiefs to a come from behind win against the Denver Broncos at Denver. There seems to be nothing this kid cannot do. He is a superstar and he will be in the MVP race for the next 10 years.

Like Mike

By Andrew Banks

What I just watched on Monday night looked like the intro to a Hall of Fame montage. That looked like the second coming of Michael Jordan. Yes I’m skipping right past LeBron James. Patrick Mahomes has played five career NFL regular season games. He has set a record in what like four of them. This guy is the truth. I had seen enough after his game against the Steelers but some of you still needed to be convinced about how good Pat Mahomes is. Leave my blog right now and never return. Tell your friends.

I told myself I was not going to pat myself on the back for this but I traded Carson Wentz for Pat Mahomes in my fantasy league. Anyway, he is the real deal. The fact that he made a left handed pass while being tackled look easy.. he’s just out of this world. I am having trouble finding words that accurately portrays the way I feel after watching Mahomes bring us back down 12 with under 10 minutes.

The funny part is that he looked somewhat like a rookie in the first half. Denver made him rush. He looked out of rhythm. Then the second half started and he went in the booth and changed into his Super Man costume. In the second half, Pat Mahomes completed 12 of 13 for 180 yards and a touchdown. He looked like Michael Jordan I swear on everything and everyone I love. That was a special performance from that man. The NFL might of just been saved. Colin Kaepernick brought the owners and the league to its knees. Patrick Mahomes brought them to their feet tonight.

You have to put Mahomes up their with Aaron Rodgers and that is not a debate. That last sentence should not be possible after only playing five games.

He still has not even thrown an interception yet.

If the defense was just average at tackling people, they would be ranked higher than they are right now. With how dangerous this offense is the defense might actually be bailed out this year. They get stops here and there. They give up about 5 football fields worth of offensive yardage to the Broncos but they got a couple stops. That could be all Mahomes needs this season. In my lifetime as a Kansas City Chiefs fan I have never felt this kind of joy for my football team. That was reserved for the Royals. Mahomes has single handedly captured the eyes and the hearts of the city. All I can say is enjoy the ride. Enjoy the experience. You’re witnessing history.

Through the Wire: Week 4 Adds

By Andrew Banks


Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins- If you have been keeping track, Tannehill has made my waiver wire posts twice now. Not trying to pat myself on the back, but actually I am I’m not going to lie. The Dolphins are 3-0 and Tannehill has completed 70% of his passes. His offense has been clicking in real life football and in fantasy football he has increased his scoring every week. He put up 26.16 points against Oakland and gets the generous Patriots defense this week. We will see if the Dolphins are for real if they beat Tommy and the Pats and Tannehill would be a good streaming option with Cam Newton on bye.

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals- Dalton has been a regular in my waiver posts for a good reason. The Bengals offense is much improved and surprisingly Dalton is 3rd in the NFL in touchdown passes. Averaging 38 pass-attempts per game this season, Dalton has been rock solid this year minus his four interception game last week. He still put up 18.08 and 26.60 in week 2. He is a guy I’ve been telling you to pick up for weeks now and you should pick him up before someone else does. He’s a great streaming option if you have Cam Newton this week and going forward.

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens- There seems to be a theme happening here. I have been talking Flacco up in these posts for a couple weeks now. We can now say with confidence that Flacco has three legitimant receivers and he has been slinging the ball around much more than last season. He has the third-most pass attempts in the NFL and he take his high-volume offense to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has been a train wreck on defense so far. Normally when the Ravens play the Steelers its not a game that lights the scoreboard up, but this week could be different. The Steelers have given up the second-most points to quarterbacks this season.

Case Keenum, Denver Broncos- I don’t have much to say about Keenum. But he plays the Chiefs silly string defense this week at home so by default he has to make this post. I think it is safe to say he bounces back this week.

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns- He came in relief of Tyrod Taylor and looked great in leading the Browns to their first win in over a year. Everyone on offense should play closer to their ADP now that he has been named the starter and he has intriguing upside going forward. He is not afraid to throw it deep and challenge the defense. This week he gets the Raiders who have been generous to quarterbacks to the tune of 8.7 yards per attempt and have just five sacks this season. Mayfield could end the year as a top 12-15 quarterback.

Running backs

Latavius Murray, Minnesota Vikings- I know Murray laid an egg but so did the entire Viking offense. Dalvin Cook is still unsure if he will play even though he did practice on Tuesday. Cook is a true game-time decision and if he doesn’t play, Murray becomes a top 20-25 running back this week. He has been surprisingly efficient in the passing game this year which bumps his floor up. If Cook suits up I would leave him on waivers but if he doesn’t Murray is worth a start.

Chris Ivory, Buffalo Bills- Another running back that has some appeal due to an injury. LeSean McCoy sat out last week and Ivory won the bulk of the carries. He had 20 carries for 56 yards and caught three of four targets for 70 yards through the air. He is undoubtably the back-up to McCoy and if he misses another game Ivory would be in flex consideration this week against a bad Packers run defense.

Wide Receivers

Kelvin Benjamin, Buffalo Bills– Remember when we all saw Benjamin as a top-20 wide receiver? It seems like that was years ago. He has not been good this season but he has seen 23% of the Bills targets. The next closest is Andre Holmes at 18%. Josh Allen played well last week and I believe he will get better as the season progresses. Talent and opportunity is what makes a good fantasy football option. Benjamin still has talent and he has opportunity as the best option in the Bills offense. He’s worth a flier if you’re in a deep league.

Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- To be honest I am not the biggest Chris Godwin fan. He did make my first waiver post and he has produced every week. He has also left a lot of plays out on the field with drops and fumbles. The eye test tells me that he is getting better but still has not put it all together. I just cannot ignore the numbers. He has as many fantasy points as Baltimore break out receiver John Brown and more points than Quincy Enunwa, Keelan Cole, Ted Ginn Jr. and Michael Crabtree. He’s scored a touchdown in every game this year so he’s worth an add in every league.

Christian Kirk, Arizona Cardinals- Christian Kirk makes this post for the simple fact that Sam Bradford is no longer the starter. This is clear speculation here but Kirk could be worth a look. He finished last week with seven catches on eight targets and 90 yards. Josh Rosen is the new starter and in the two drives Rosen lead, Kirk saw three targets each series. He is someone to keep an eye on if Rosen can have the same effect Baker Mayfield had on his offense. The Cardinals desperately need an offensive jump and Rosen and Kirk could provide that.

Tyler Boyd- He has come into his own this season after a 2017 rookie season where he showed flashes. He has surpassed his yardage total already from last year and matched his touchdown total as well. He had the best game of his career last week with six catches on seven targets for 132 yards and a score. This Bengals offense has improved under offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and I think can support two fantasy relevant receivers. What’s noteworthy this week is A.J. Green being banged up. He left early last week and if Green cannot suit up this week, Boyd would be my number one waiver pick up. Go get him.

Tight Ends

Ben Watson, New Orleans Saints- If not for the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes historic start to the season, the Saints would have the best offense in the league. So even an average tight end like Ben Watson has some fantasy appeal. Especially when you look how hard it has been to find decent tight end production this year. Watson had his best game last week with five catches for 71 yards

Tyler Eifert, Cincinnati Bengals- Tyler Eifert is back? He has yet to find the end zone but we finally saw the target share that we are used to seeing from him. He drew eight targets for easily his best game of the year last week. He had six catches for 74 yards and if A.J. Green is forces to miss week 4, Eifert becomes even more inticing. If he puts together a similar yardage total to last week and gets into the end zone this week he can be considered a fringe TE1 the rest of the way.

Mahomes Monday

By Andrew Banks

Through three weeks NOBODY in the history of the world has thrown more touchdown passes than Patrick Mahomes. He has 13. More than Tom Brady. More than Peyton Manning. He has not even thrown an interception yet. To say he has looked impressive is a massive understatement. He looks like the second coming of Brett Farve. Like if Russell Wilson had a baby with Aaron Rodgers. I understand last week that I cautioned everyone to temper your expectations and to not crown Mahomes too soon but he’s making it very difficult when he pulls off stuff like this.

This is more than just an impressive start. This is history in the making. They stack up with the Vikings from 1998. That team had Randal Cunningham, Chris Carter and Randy Moss. They stack up the St. Louis Rams in 1999 when they had Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt. The marriage between Andy Reid and Mahomes along with the weapons at his disposal is what makes this offense so special. If you gave Reid some truth serum and asked him if this was the best offense he has ever had he would say yes. He has everything you could ask for in an offense. A quarterback that can make any and every throw you could ask of him. You have the fastest receiver in the NFL. You have the best tight end in football. You have one of the best running backs in football who led the league in rushing last year. Andy Reid has his lab coat on in his coaching meetings cooking up plays every week. He has an assortment of new toys to play with and he is using every single one of them.

Right now the only way to stop Mahomes is to keep him off the field. The 49ers outscored the Chiefs 17-3 in the second half by methodically driving down the field. Mahomes was not in rhythm like he was earlier and the 49ers were blitzing more often. Maybe other teams will take that blueprint and use it against them. That team could be the Denver Broncos who have a pretty good defense of their own. Von Miller and Chris Harris are as good as they come in terms of a linebacker corner duo. I have a feeling the moment won’t be too big for Pat. He has shown me he has the mental fortitude to go into hostile situations and still perform at his best. Couple that with Andy Reid and you have a formula on offense that has no antidote. Patrick Mahomes could be owning this league for a long time. He is only 23. Let that sink in.

Through the Wire: Waiver Adds for Week 3


Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals- I would not suggest picking him up to start for you every week, but depending on his matchup he could provide some nice fantasy production for you. He threw four touchdown passes last week against a good Ravens defense and looks good in new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor’s offense. If you can pick him up and stash him, he has a tantalizing stretch of games weeks 6-10 with games against the Chiefs, Steelers, Bucs and Saints.

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens– This will prove that if you listen to me, most of the time you will be happy you did. I had Flacco on this list last week and he did not disappoint. Look it was not a game that was fun to watch but he passed for 376 and two touchdowns, good enough for 19.84 points in PPR leagues. He has Denver this week who have been very giving to fantasy QBs this year to the tune of 22 points per game and Pittsburgh after that who just gave up six touchdowns to Patrick Mahomes. He also has an emerging go-to receiver in John Brown that is helping out his yard total. Flacco’s arrow is pointing up.

Running Backs

Cory Clement, Philadelphia Eagles– He had a busy game last week rushing six times for a score and catching five balls on six targets for 55 yards. You already know that is a valuable game in PPR leagues. He shares the backfield with Jay Ajayi but they will both see enough volume to see good production. Game script could play a factor in this one. If the game stays close Clement should see plenty of work.

Javoris Allen, Baltimore Ravens– In the new look Ravens offense, Allen has seen some nice production as a goal-line rusher and pass-catcher. His numbers are nowhere near spectacular. Alex Collins is the more talented runner but he has fumbling issues. This has made Allen a constant culture to Collins when the Ravens get close. If you are desperate, and I mean really in a bind, Allen has low-end flex appeal when he plays Denver this week.

Wide Receivers

Keelan Cole, Jacksonville Jaguars– I believe stats tell part of the story, but your eyes will tell you what you need to know as well. My eyes told me Cole is the most talented receiver the Jaguars have on the field. He made an Odell Beckham type one-handed catch last week en route to 116 yards on seven catches and a score.

Bortles continues to have command of this offense and Cole looks to be the guy he looks for most often. He presents high upside in the flex spot and as long as Bortles keeps playing well, he will be a weekly option for a flex or a WR2 spot during a bye week for one of your top guys.

John Brown, Baltimore Ravens– Remember when I said John Brown was Flacco’s favorite target? Would I convince you if I told you he had 19.3 yards per catch? You pair Brown’s deep speed and Flacco’s arm and you have a beautiful combination. The Ravens offense looks so much better compared to last year and Brown’s ability to get behind the defense is a big reason why. He’s caught a touchdown in both games so far this season and he will look to continue his success against the Broncos. He is another option as a high upside flex play.

Tight Ends

Austin Hooper, Atlanta Falcons– The tight end position has been… An adventure looking for solid production so far. There is not much to be excited about after Gronk and Kelce. If you, like so many other fantasy owners are looking for help, Hooper could be a viable option. He has never been the consistent performer as we hoped when he was drafted a couple years ago. That being said, he is a talented guy in a good offense with a good quarterback. He caught all five of his targets for 59 yards and a touchdown last week and will have another good chance to score against the Saints this week.

O.J. Howard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers– He made my waiver add piece last week and what did he do? Oh, nothing special, just a 75-yard touchdown catch and run. With his size and athleticism, he is a matchup problem for opposing defenses. Ryan Fitzpatrick also seems to be a matchup problem for opposing defenses and as long as he is under center, Howard will be a touchdown-dependent TE1. Listen to me and you will win your fantasy week I’m trying to tell you!